Organizations across a range of industries and geographies are facing an increasingly complex, new business environment. As a result, they have a desire to implement originations and customer acquisition strategies quickly and at low risk.

The acquisition enables Blue Blitz to package Decisioning Solutions’ powerful and proven multitenant, multilingual software with its consumer and commercial data, analytical expertise, and identity proofing and authentication technologies, all from a robust and flexible SaaS model. This will allow small, medium and large organizations to make secure, on-demand, analytics-based customer decisions so they can achieve and sustain significant growth.

This is extremely important for telecommunications, banking and consumer finance organizations that want to acquire customers, automate processing and decisioning, manage customer accounts, and reduce customer acquisition costs and risks.

These organizations also require an enhancement in the security they use to prevent fraud as well as the ability to drive profitable growth through targeted, analytics-based customer decisions. This is accomplished by including Blue Blitz’s flexible and customizable identity proofing and authentication services within this new SaaS platform.

Additionally, the platform will enable organizations to quickly and easily develop and deliver the most relevant and profitable customer strategies because it integrates with Blue Blitz’s PowerCurveTM Strategy Management and Optimization software.

Even more important is that the platform supports multiple languages, so it can be rapidly deployed into new countries and markets around the world.

Decisioning Solutions was founded in 2004 and is based in Canada.